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To be a Au Pair you must be between 18 and 30 years old, unmarried with no children, going abroad for a temporary period of time and living with a host family and have experience taking care of children.

Get Started

Get Started

The use of aupairjust4you is very simple and easy to understand. If you are interested in looking for an au pair or a host family, the first step is to register your profile. Registration is free. Once registration is completed, you can complete your profile with pictures, which will give you increased visibility in the homepage where you can see the most beautiful photos published in rotation.

Make Your Selection

As soon as they wish to exchange personal messages, either the au pair or the host family can decide to become a Premium Member. The Premium Membership costs 20 euros (€) for family, Au pair is free and remains valid for one month. It ends automatically and does not need to be canceled. At this point, you just have to search the au pair or host family and get in touch with the profile you like the most and suits you the best.


To contact an au pair or a host family, you can use your own inbox, or you can use our internal messaging system that allows you to control the profiles and contact those from whom you have received a reply, without filling in your email. You can also block the reception of messages from people you do not need.

About Us

Aupairjust4you is au pair agency on the Internet.On www.aupairjust4you.com, Au pair and host family can find each other by their own initiative, quickly and directly.

Our users benefit not only from the greatest choice of au pairs and host families worldwide but also from the dedicated support of our highly experience team. Aupairjust4you is a website that facilitates cultural exchanges between families and youth from all parts of the world.

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Family Policies

A host family is a family consisting of at least one parent and one child under the age of 16 that invites an Au pair from a foreign country for a specified period of time.The au pair lives “on equal terms” with the other members of the family and in return for food, board, and a salary, cares for children and does with light housework.

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  • Online free register as an Au pair
  • What is a host family?
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