Family Policies

Family Policies

What is a host family?

A host family is a family consisting of at least one parent and one child under the age of 16 that invites an Au pair from a foreign country for a specified period of time. The au pair lives “on equal terms” with the other members of the family and in return for food, board, and a salary, cares for children and does with light housework (the amount of pocket money and working hours are defined by the host families policies). Hosting an au pair is considered a program of cultural exchange, by no means an employment contract. Placement of the au pair shall initially be for a period not exceeding one year, but may be extended to permit a maximum stay of two years.

Host Family Responsibilities

  • provide three meals a day, a private bedroom and, if possible, a private bathroom
  • provide weekly or monthly pocket money (an amount of salary depends on the host country)
  • provide time off – at least one day a week (depending on the country)
  • provide paid holiday – the length of holiday depends on the agreement with the au pair and the specific country
  • provide adequate opportunities for the au pair to participate in a language course and – in some countries – to cover the costs of the course.
  • provide adequate health, accident, repatriation and liability insurance during the time the au pair and host family are sharing the cultural exchange
  • register the au pair with the appropriate authorities (if required) to ensure the au pair is legally registered at all times and/or apply for the required visa or residence permit

It is important that you choose an au pair who really matches your family. After all, the au pair experience involves an intense relationship that needs to be based on mutual trust. You will be entrusted with a new family member coming from a different cultural background. At the same time, you will entrust your au pair with your children. In this context, mutual respect, a thorough communication, clear rules and basic affinity are very important for a successful integration of your au pair into your family.

Please note:Please note: Au pairs are neither nannies, nor hired household helps. In contrast to a regular employment relationship, au pairs live with their host families like fully integrated family members, albeit for a limited period of time. Your au pair will share your daily routine and help you with minor household tasks, just as any other member of your family would. As a “big brother or sister”, your au pair will usually become an important figure in the lives of your children. And just as your au pair will be learning a lot about a new language and culture, your family will also gain significant insights into the culture, language, customs and traditions of your au pair’s country of origin. Further requirements for host families vary according to the relevant host country.

Host families should consult our section info host families policies and do our Quick Check to find out if they meet all necessary requirements.

  • Create A Profile Register As A Family Or An Au Pair Is Free Of Charge. Create Your Profile And Enter Your Search Criteria. Add Your Texts And Photos.

  • Search View Matching Profiles Delivered To Your Personal Fast Find. Or Carry Out Your Individual Search By Clicking On: Find An Au Pair Or Find A Family.

  • Get In Touch Use Our Messaging System To Send Applications. Become A Premium Member And Exchange Your Personal Messages With Au Pairs Or Host Families.

  • Get To Know Each Other Take Your Time To Get To Know Your Au Pair Or Host Family: Exchange Messages, Use Your Phone And Skype! Discuss Your Mutual Expectations And All The Important Details, Such As Au Pair Tasks, Working Hours, Pocket Money, Holidays, Travel Costs And The Language Course.

Tips: Which questions should I ask my Au pair or my host family? How do I make the right choice?

  • Sign Your Contract Do Not Forget To Include All Important Matters In Your Au Pair Contract. Arrange All Details Concerning The Au Pair’s Arrival: When Will The Au Pair Arrive? Who Will Pick Him Or Her Up? How Will You Be In Touch If Travel Arrangements Change?

Tips: Host the first Au pair: How can host family prepare themselves? First time as an Au pair: How do I plan my trip and what do I need to consider?

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