Sending out your reference: which requirements do you have to comply with?

Any person of legal age who is authorized to use our website according to our Terms of Service is free to send us their reference.

hort comments concerning the use of Aupairjust4you can be submitted with a photo (no bigger than 2 MB) illustrating the comment. By submitting their contribution, the sender agrees to the publication of the contribution under their name and free of charge on the Web Page of Aupairjust4you . The comments may be translated into other languages or editorially adjusted, without the original meaning being altered. The sender equally agrees to this point. The user affirms that he owns all rights and copyrights to the submissions, especially to photos. He equally affirms the assent of the photographed persons, especially in the case of face shots. No liability is assumed for a third person. We ensure that the information you submit will only be used on our reference sites. The information will not be forwarded to any third parties.

The references will be selected by the Aupairjust4you . The selection is final and incontestable. We cannot guarantee that your contribution will be published.

A revocation of your consent, to the publication of submitted material, can be made in writing at any time, and will be enforced with immediate effect. Simply send us an e-mail at