New Au pair

Some times an au pair will decide to end their stay with their host family and transfer to a new family’s home. Au pairs usually change host families when they wish to stay in their host country for a little longer and their stay at their present host family’s home is due to end. However, au pairs sometimes change families for more problematic reasons: for example, if they find they don’t get on with their host family due to irreconcilable differences. If the au pair stay is going to be terminated early, the other party should be informed as soon as possible. Both parties should adhere to the notice period outlined in the au pair contract. The notice period is usually two weeks.

Au pairs and host families should try to organise their next steps together. This means that the family helps their au pair find a new family and vice versa. If the au pair has entered the host country on a visa, the relevant authorities need to be contacted to ensure that the au pair can stay legally in the host country.

Our suggestions:

*Talking really helps! Many problems and misunderstandings can be avoided if host families and au pairs talk things over right from the start. 
*Help each other! If a change of au pairs or families is necessary, both parties should help each other find a new au pair and host family.


The necessary costs of the au pair stay can differ widely for the host family and au pair depending on the legal arrangements in the host country. However, here is an overview of the costs which you are likely to meet.