As an au pair, you will be living with your host family like a regular family member assuming daily tasks throughout your stay with them. As a son or daughter for a defined period of time, you are primarily in charge of childcare, a task which requires a great sense of responsibility on your part. Furthermore, you will help with light housework related to childcare, such as: 
- preparing the children’s meals 
-washing and ironing their laundry and putting it back into the wardrobes 
-helping the children tidy up their rooms 
-taking the children to school or their spare time activities and back home 
-helping them with their homework and supporting their school development 
-However, you should not only be aware of your duties, but also of your rights: 
an au pair is neither a nanny nor a home help or carer for the elderly. He or she is no employee, but must be considered a fully adequate family member throughout his or her entire stay as an au pair.