Health insurance

Au pairs from EU and EFTA countries

Au pairs from EU and EFTA countries shall enquire in their home country how long their health insurance is valid during a stay abroad and should take out a health insurance with an au pair insurance company, if applicable.

Au pairs from non-EU and non-EFTA countries

Au pairs from non-EU and non-EFTA countries need their own health insurance. The family has to make sure beforehand that the au pair has a valid health insurance. The costs for health insurance have to be paid by the host family.

Personal liability insurance

The host family’s personal liability insurance is also valid for the au pair, if he/she can be defined as a “person living permanently within the household”. Normally, the au pair lives with the family so that this condition would be fulfilled. To be on the safe side the family should anyway consult their insurance company in this matter.

Accident insurance, life insurance and unemployment insurance

An accident insurance (tapaturmavakuutus) for an au pair is a general obligation. The costs for this insurance depend on the insurance company and amount to app. € 60 per year. The employer additionally has to take out a life insurance and an unemployment insurance. These three insurance types are related to each other and the employer can take out these insurances under one contract at one insurance company.