Spoofed emails

Scammers may send you emails that appear to be from which try to legitimize their claims to earn your trust. Email spoofing is easy and commonly requires the scammer to only change the name of the email sender in their email program so that it appears in your inbox as being from “Support at Aupairjust4you” while actually being sent from the scammer – not . You can easily verify the actual sender by viewing the headers of the email message. In the email header you will see the actual “From” address. If the “From” address does not end with “ ” then you are likely dealing with a scammer who has sent you a spoofed email. In which case, you should forward the entire message with the headers to so we can investigate the situation.

Email and phishing scams

Phishing is a type of deception designed to steal your valuable personal data, such as website login credentials and credit card numbers. Some scammers use phishing scams to set up convincing copies or “spoofs” of legitimate websites. They then try to trick you into visiting these websites and disclosing personal information.

Spoofed websites

Spoofed websites are commonly used in conjunction with phishing scams. The spoofed site is usually designed to look like the legitimate site, often using stolen components from the legitimate site. Do not rely on the text in the address bar as an indication that you are at the site you think you are. There are several ways to get the address bar in a browser to display something other than the site you are on. The best way to verify whether you are at a spoofed site is to verify that the certificate of the website matches what’s listed in the browser’s address bar.

Advance-fee fraud

An advance-fee fraud is a confidence trick in which a scammer tries to persuade you to advance them money based on their promise that you will realize a significantly larger gain. There are many forms of this scam. You may be offered the opportunity to become an art dealer with exclusive rights to a new territory. Offers like this will come via email as spam. You should immediately recognize this or anything remotely like it as a scam.